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Frequently Asked Questions

Is every business in the state of Alabama eligible to participate in the new BP settlement?

With a few exceptions, every business in the state qualifies.

If I have previously filed a claim and my claimed was denied, can I now file another claim?

Absolutely. The fact that your previous claim was denied does not disqualify you from filing a claim with the new settlement. The fact that you filed a previous claim will have no effect on the outcome of filing another claim.

Do I have to make an appointment and fill out a lot of paper work just to find out if I might be eligible?

No. This is a simple process that can be explained in a five-minute phone call with one of our attorneys.

Do I have to talk to a bunch of screeners before I speak with an attorney?

No. Your first conversation will be with one of our attorneys.

What will it cost me to find out if I qualify?

Not a penny. You will only pay a contingency fee if and when you receive your settlement.